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Top 5 Upcoming Deadlines

2015 07 04 Pacific Graphics 2015 Acceptance Notifications
2015 07 06 CVMP 2015 Papers
2015 07 09 VRIPHYS 2015 Papers
2015 07 10 IWSSIP 2015 Papers
2015 07 10 VRST 2015 Papers

Current / Upcoming Conferences

2015 07 06 -
2015 07 08
SGP 2015
Symposium on Geometry Processing
2015 07 08 -
2015 07 10
AGIT 2015
Symposium und Fachmesse fuer Angewandte Geoinformatik
2015 07 10 -
2015 07 11
BioVis 2015
Symposium on Biological Data Visualization
2015 07 21 -
2015 07 24
IV 2015
International Conference Information Visualisation
2015 07 21 -
2015 07 24
CGIV 2015
International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization

Welcome to the VRVis Conference Calendar!

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Introducing VRVis Conference Calendar 3.0

After months of development and testing, we have finally gone live with our new conference calendar system. Feel free to browse the entire database, or register / login to select and view your favourites. Or subscribe to the conference calendar with your favourite ICal enabled calendaring application, and automatically stay up to date on new conferences and deadlines!

We would be very excited to hear your comments on the new system! Please send your feedback (including bug reports) to Stephan Mantler, our ConfCal administrator! Please also send him information on conferences that should be added to the database.

The VRVis Conference Calendar is based on Helwig's Conference Calendar, originally introduced by Helwig Hauser at the VUT Institute of Computer Graphics in 1997. Since then it has evolved into a very comprehensive list of current and past conferences, with information available for more than 1000 events dating back as far as 1972. In 2005, maintenance of the conference calendar was taken over by Stephan Mantler, however Helwig still plays a major role in the selection of conferences to be included in this calendar.

Currently listing 1914 conferences in 347 series, including 1151 calls and 2899 deadlines!

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